About The Color Works Inc.

Restoration of Vintage CarThe Color Works Inc. was established in 1973 by Chuck and Joyce Rumschlag. The company was built on quality restoration and specialty work and has received many awards from leaders in our industry.

The Color Works Inc. has had much success and still holds several auction records set at The Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Many of our works are displayed in museums around the world, on race tracks during vintage events and in many fine private collections!

The Color Works Inc. has a wide range of services available including collision repair which was demanded by our specialty customers. In 2004, The Color Works Inc. built a collision specific facility adjacent to their existing restoration and fabrication shops to better serve their customers that needed quality repairs at better than average cycle times.

The Color Works Inc. is a fully equipped facility for the restoration or repair of your daily driver or the love of your life! We offer the convenience of onsite mechanical work to handle the restoration of your vintage, sports, and muscle car drivelines, as well, suspension repairs and rebuilds. We can't forget about the items related to collision work like supplemental restraint systems, anti-lock brakes, and traction control.

The Color Works Inc. uses the finest supplies and equipment to be able to stand behind our work and protect one of your largest investments, and more importantly the safety of your loved ones!

The Color Works Inc. is family owned and operated and is truly committed to the safety of our customers and their families.