Direct Repair Program - DRP FAQs

  • What standards must be met in order to become a Certified Repair Facility?
    All body shops are not created equal.  Using a repair facility that has trained technicians is the best bet for safe, high-quality repairs.  Our repair technicians have been extensively trained through I-CAR and our refinish technician has been certified through I-CAR and DuPont.  Our on-site mechanic is ASE certified.  The value of trained technicians is that a vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition, which may help maintain resale value because trained technicians follow factory recommended procedures and specifications.  Training stresses the use of parts with the best fit and finish per insurance and our standards; our repair professionals have access to the most up-to-date repair information for your vehicle.  Improper repairs may impact safety; for example, an airbag system that's not restored to factory standards could malfunction. 

    Your vehicle is the second largest investment you're likely to make.  You have the right to go to the repair facility of your choice.
  • Why should I choose the Color Works to repair my vehicle?
    The Color Works was established in 1973 and has been at the present location since 1982.  With the exception of occasional advertisement in the Valencia County News-Bulletin, repeat customers and "word-of-mouth" is considered our best reference.
  • Does the Color Works accept referrals from Insurance companies?
    The Color Works is a designated Certified Repair Facility by several major insurance companies.  Additionally, all other insurance company claims are gladly accepted.