Collision Paint

New Mexico's harsh weather can be brutal to your skin, but can also be brutal your car's paint finish.  Your car's paint finish protects the metal skeleton from oxidation (rust)  and provides an aesthetic look to your car.  Protecting and maintaining your car's finish is key in protecting the value of your car.

Precision Collision by the Color Works guarantees our paint match by utilizing a computerized paint matching system and the finest materials available.  We don't mess with paint chips to match your car -- we match the new color to the color that is on your car; then we oven bake the finish to achieve a factory quality finish on all our vehicles.

 We use Spiess Hecker and Chromax Pro waterborne, both premium lines by Dupont Performance Coatings. Spiess Hecker is the OEMinfoOEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer finish for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen and other import cars. Chromax Pro is the OEM finish used on many domestic cars made.  The use of Spiess Hecker and Chromax Pro waterborne allows us to replicate the factory applied finish and color while minimizing our environmental impact and reducing our VOCinfoVOCVolatile Organic Compounds output by 85% compared to traditional solvent borne systems. The chance that your new car was finished in waterborne paint is high, shouldn't it be repaired the same way?