Brakes, ABS, & Traction Control Systems

Wouldn't it be nice if cars didn't need routine maintenance?... but unfortunately they do.  Oil, tires, brakes all need to be replaced eventually at some time or another.  Your brakes are just as important as your engine--they provide the counter-force needed to stop your vehicle's forward momentum generated from the engine.  As a general rule, the front brakes wear out faster than the rear brakes; this is because the front brakes handle a greater percentage of the braking load. Letting brakes pads go too long before replacing them can lead to other and rather expensive repairs if you neglect them.  Many brakes today come with "chirpers" which warn the driver when brake pads need replacing.  Allowing brake pads wear beyond the chirpers will wear the pads down to the retaining rivots used to hold the pad to the shoe and will cause significant damage to the rotors as these rivots gouge into the rotor plate and slowly groove your rotors to oblivion. 

For many car owners, maintaining the vehicle's brakes is something that is often overlooked.  If you notice  problems such as grabbing, pulling, low or soft brake pedal, pedal vibration, noise, or the ABS light is on, it is highly recommended that you have your brakes serviced ASAP.  Keeping your brakes properly maintained and in working order can prevent costly repairs, but more importantly, avoid a collision.

At the Color Works, we perform many brake services from brake relines on Disc and Drum brakes, diagnosing and servicing ABS (Anti-lock Brake Systems) and traction control systems, as well as complete brake system rebuilds.