Unibody Services

Most of the cars on the road today are uni-body (monocoque) vehicles, meaning that the body of the car provides the overall structural support of the car--much like an egg.  A car's frame is the platform in which the rest of the car's system rests on.  If your frame is misaligned, other parts in your car will not work as they should -- doors don't latch correctly, sheet metal doesn't line up correctly, headlights won't fit, steering alignment issues (those not caused by improper wheel alignment), and your car's ability to protect you is compromised. 

At the Color Works, we perform uni-body and body-on-frame realignments using the latest computer and laser measurement technology available which allows us to measure your car's frame throughout the repair process.  Our frame technicians are I-CAR trained and certified.  At the Color Works, our commitment is your safety, a correctly repaired and aligned frame will maintain your car's safe and reliable operation, at the same time protect you and your passengers in the course of an accident.