Tire Alignment

Do you find that your car on a straight level road is wondering either to the left or right?  If you find yourself constantly moving your steering wheel to keep your vehicle straight on the road, you are in need of an alignment.  The overall life of your tires are in trouble if your car is misaligned.  Rapid or uneven tire wear may occur, and you will be forced to endure a bumpy ride.  Correct wheel alignment will ensure proper handling, eliminate vehicle wandering and increase safety on the road.  Even in normal driving conditions, an alignment is necessary for proper vehicle handling and safety.  Abnormal driving conditions, such as driving on dirt roads or hitting a pothole in the road may necessitate the need for an alignment sooner.

Proper tire alignment is important to avoid excessive wear on tires and other parts on a car.  Improper tire alignment can decrease MPG, make the wheels work against each other, and wear out tires by causing bad tread patterns.  Here are some signs to look for if your vehicle is in need of an alignment:

  • Uneven wear:  If one of your front or rear tires show an uneven wear pattern than its opposite tire, more likely than not, it's time for an alignment.
  • Pulling to left or right:  If you find yourself fighting your vehicle to keep it straight because it wants to pull to the left or right,  you are in need of an alignment.
  • Passive pulling:  With a lesser alignment problem, your vehicle may not actively pull.  However, when you let your hands off the steering wheel on a straight level road, the vehicle may naturally drift off to one direction.  This is a sign of an alignment problem.
  • Vibration:  Bad alignment of the wheels may cause the wheels to fight each other, when this happens your car may vibrate.
  • Crooked steering wheel:  If you are going straight on a road and notice your steering wheel is angled to the left or right, this is a tall tale sign that you may need an alignment.

Benefits of proper tire alignment
Bad tire alignment can cause a lot of problems on a vehicle.  Here's some reasons why a proper alignment is a must:

  • Aids in tire rotation:  Even if you are rotating your tires every 7,000 miles, an improper alignment can cause tires to wear prematurely and get shredded in a short amount of time.
  • Satisfies warranty requirements:  Most tires that carry a warranty require periodic alignments to keep the tires from wearing incorrectly.  Don't let your tire warranty be voided because of lack of maintenance.
  • Improved handling:  A car with a proper alignment just handles better than a vehicle without.
  • Reduces wear on steering and suspension parts:  A poor alignment causes wear on a lot of car parts, just not the tires.   In extreme cases, a vehicle out of alignment can shake parts and cause more deterioration, meaning more costly repairs needed for a proper alignment.
  • Better MPG:  Just like other numerous car problems, improper alignment can lead to lower MPG as more energy is needed to keep your vehicle in a straight trajectory.

At the Color Works, our master ASE trained and certified mechanics utilize a computerized alignment system to ensure your vehicle drives true and straight on the road.  We offer front wheel as well four wheel alignment services.  A proper alignment is not only crucial for the overall health to your car, but is also essential for the safety of you, your passengers and others on the road.