Collision Repair

Your vehicle is designed and engineered with safety in mind.  In the event of an accident, parts like the hood, door, and bumpers have been specially designed to absorb and displace the kinetic energy of a collision--protecting you and your passengers from serious injury.  Once these parts have buckled, kinked, bent or an air bag has deployed, your vehicle's overall structural integrity and ability to protect you is in serious jeopardy and in need of repair. 

The Color Works Inc. is a full service collision repair facility with I-Car and ASE trained and certified master technicians. The Color Works Inc. has state-of-the-art equipment, training, and the passion to properly repair your vehicle to factory recommended specifications and execute an invisible repair. So let us protect the value of your vehicle as well as your family in the event of an accident--your piece of mind and safety is truly priceless.