Collision Repair

Proudly Serving Clients in Los Lunas, NM since 1973

At The Color Works Inc. in Los Lunas, NM, we will repair your car in a timely manner when you have been in an accident, so you can get back on the road. Since 1973, customers have trusted us to make repairs that ensure their safety and peace-of-mind. Our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians will repair your car to factory standards. Accidents are stressful enough; we make the repair process as smooth as possible, especially with our Direct Repair Program.


Unibody Services

A unibody vehicle is a vehicle in which the car’s body provides the support for the overall structure. Therefore, the car’s frame is essential to the functioning of everything else.

At The Color Works Inc., we will provide body-on-frame repairs to correct the alignment of your car and ensure everything fits together as it should.

Electrical/Charging Systems

The battery of your car controls the entire electrical system, which consists of wires, fuses and relays.

Your car’s charging system is made up of the battery, voltage regulator and alternator.

Our technicians can determine what is causing your electrical and charging system issues and repair or replace the faulty part.

Brakes, ABS & Traction Control Systems

At The Color Works Inc., we can rebuild complete braking systems, as well as provide brake relines on Disc and Drum brakes, diagnosing and repairs for Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) and traction control systems.

Collision Paint

At The Color Works Inc., we use Precision Collision, which is a computerized service that perfectly matches the paint to your car. For brands, we use the Dupont Performance Coatings premium lines Spiess Hecker and Chromax Pro waterborne. Both paints reduce the output of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) by 85% compared to other paint systems.

In addition, we offer mechanical repair services to efficiently correct any problems in your car. We also provide beautiful restorations for antique cars.

Front End & Four Wheel Alignments

Proper tire alignment keeps you safe on the road and makes driving much easier. Your tires will last longer, you will get more miles per gallon and maintain your vehicle warranty, and you will reduce the stress on your steering and suspension.

The signs of wheel misalignments are:
• Uneven wear on your tires.
• Drifting to the left or right.
• Passive pulling. This is when the car drives fine when you are steering, but when you take your hands off the wheel the car drifts.
• Car vibration.
• Crooked steering wheel when you are driving in a straight line.

Technical Certifications


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